Indian forces attack Shia procession in IOK


Srinagar, Sept. 29 (TNS): Indian police have attacked Shia Muslims taking part in a procession to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (RA).

Shia Muslims held a mourning procession in Srinagar in Indian-occupied-Kashmir on Friday, chanting religious slogans. Police attacked the mourners and arrested an unspecified number of them.

Reports say authorities in Indian-occupied Kashmir imposed restrictions in some parts of Srinagar, fearing religious processions marking Muharram would turn into anti-India demonstrations.

Tensions are high in the region, where the Muslim-majority population stages regular protests against the Indian rule and demands autonomy from New Delhi.

New Delhi has deployed some 500,000 soldiers to the disputed region to further boost the security of the borderline and enforce a crackdown on pro-independence demonstrations in its share of Kashmir, where anti-India sentiments are high.