Two Pakistani films in the offing


LAHORE Aug. 10 (TNS):  Eid is coming; this time round the pack of two films is being released on 11 August and also on Eid. As ‘CHAIN AYE NA’ and ‘GEO SAR UTHA KAY’ the films of Syed Noor and Nadeem Cheema, respectively.

This is the right time for the producers to announce their movies. Lahore can be seen in full of swing for the release of both movies, as both film makers belong to that city and are receiving an unlimited response through their advertisement and social media campaign. New faces have been introduced to the film industry of Pakistan in both the films.

Individually the films have a completely different plot, GEO SAR UTHA KAY rotate around the romance and full of action drama and comedy while, CHAIN AYE NA consist of an entirely diverse plot indicating romance drama of two characters.

Both the film makers are hopeful about their films and are keen to see their respective movies at the box office while, the response to the films is yet to be tallied by the audience and the critics. However, they believe their work in the films will revive the Pakistani Cinema.