Shah Rukh Khan reveals why he visits ‘Mannat’ balcony to meet fans


Shah Rukh Khan’s starrer recently released film Pathaan has been a phenomenal success at the box office and enjoyed overwhelming feedback from the audience.

During the success event of Pathaan, King Khan opened up about his visits to the balcony of his residence ‘Mannat’, Bollywood Hangama reported.
The 57-year-old actor “Actually, they give me the same type of love even when my film doesn’t turn out to be a hit, to be honest. Elders from my family once told me that whenever you feel sad, go to those who give you love.”

He further said that “If something doesn’t work or goes wrong, and we all will have things that go wrong in our lives; life is like that, it is meant to be like that. There will be good days and bad days.”

He continued, “I was told, don’t go to the people you work with, don’t go to people who tell you how to do things better. Go to the people who shover love on you. I have been very lucky that there are millions and billions of people who give me love. “

“So whenever I feel sad, I visit my balcony. When I am happy, I visit my balcony. God has been so kind to me that he has always given me a ticket of the balcony,” SRK explained,

Pathaan was released in cinemas on January 25, 2023.