Sexual harassment saga: More come forward against Ali Zafar


Lahore, April 20 (TNS): After Meesha Shafi allegations against Ali Zafar, many others have broken their silence as well – admitting that they, too, have felt harassed by the Rock-star singer.

Humna Raza also came forward and shared how a fan-moment with Ali was turned into sexual harassment.

“I was at an event and I saw Ali Zafar there. I was very excited so I decided to get a selfie with him,” Humna tweeted on Thursday.

“He didn’t say anything, but smirked and opened his arms that I took as a yes. I stood next to him and felt his hand go up the side of my waist. I felt it and I knew what happened.”

Humna added that she had misunderstood Ali back then but when she heard about Meesha’s allegations, she knew hers was a case of harassment.

Another Twitter user, Leena Ghani also gained some courage to speak up on the matter once Meesha broke her silence. In a tweet, Leena penned, “In the many years I have known Ali, he has, on many occasions, crossed boundaries of what is appropriate behaviour between friends.”

Speaking of what defines indecent conduct, Leena shared, “The memories of the times where Ali thought he could get away by saying vulgar things to me still disgusts me.”

LUMS Alumni, Maham Javaid took to Twitter explaining how Ali once tried to harass her cousin. She mentioned that they even thought of reporting him but since he is a celebrity, no one would have believed them.