2000 Pakistanis spending miserable lives in Malaysian jails, embassy still unhelpful


Islamabad, Sept 11 (TNS): More than 2000 Pakistanis are spending their lives miserably in Malaysian jails mostly are illegal immigrants.

Pakistani diplomatic mission in Malaysia is doing nothing for fellow Pakistanis trapped in islands country.

According to Rising Hands Association (RHA) report, mostly Pakistanis came on work visa (garden worker) but get landed in trouble after sometime.

These workers face visa problems, incomplete documents and lack of money to buy ticket to return to home country.

After Saudi Arabia, Malaysian Immigration department has also launched a huge crackdown against illegal residents.

 In this crackdown thousands of Pakistanis were arrested in addition to Indians, Bangladeshis and people from many other countries.

 Pakistanis in prison have started hunger strike against Pakistani Embassy in Malaysia.

According to these prisoners, Malaysian Immigration staff arrests them, torture them and then rip them off of any money or any other precious thing that they have with them and take it away from them.

They are kept in such prisons where even animals can’t be kept. Due to this action many Pakistani prisoners are getting depressed and catching other types of diseases as well.

Unlike Saudi Arabia and European countries, every illegal resident captured in Malaysia must pay for his ticket if he is to return to his homeland. People from other countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and India, if arrested are returned to their respective countries within seven days of capture.

Their countries bare their expenses but in case of Pakistanis nothing like that happens. Pakistani embassy in Malaysia in such critical circumstances is busy looting their own fellow countrymen.

Pakistani people in Malaysia have requested President and Prime Minster of Pakistan that they should be helped in these times of dire need.


  1. Rising Hands u people are doing a great job, helping those who are trap in jails. Govrnment of pakistan should help those people as other countries help there people………

  2. It is v unfortunate to be in jail when all freedom is absolved the only hope left in a prisnor is prayers to God almighty to come to the rescue.its like feeli g your soul trapped within your body struggling to fly out and b free may allah help those who are imprisoned n suffering and struggli g to be free God please help them ameen aumameen

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