Capital Development Authority’s Enforcement Directorate conducted operation in continuation of ongoing anti-encroachment drive and demolished / removed a number of constructions and encroachments in various areas of City


Islamabad: March 03, 2020 (TNS): In this regard, Staff of the Enforcement Directorate conducted a mega operation on Monday and demolished illegal construction on the Green Area between Sector I-12 and H-12. In this mega-operation, ICT Administration, Islamabad Police and other concerned formations of the Authority provided assistance to demolish the growing illegal construction on Estate land. During the operation, 103 Rooms, 23 kitchens and 14 Washrooms were completely demolished, which were constructed illegally on Estate land.

Similarly, other teams of the Enforcement Directorate conducted operations and demolished the extra washroom and kitchens, illegally constructed in the plaza situated in Blue Area. While in other operation an illegal possession of a plot has been got vacated from illegal occupants in the vicinity of Humak and possession of the said plot was handed over to allottee. Another operation conducted in Sector I-10, and removed / demolished the extended fence erected around the green area in front of the 10 houses of Street No 83, Sector I-10/1.