Chairman NAB orders probe into irregularities in award of KLM project by NHA


Says: make sure the project is not delayed because of NAB

ISLAMABAD Feb 03 (TNS): Taking notice of the alleged irregularities, corruption and non-transparency in the award of Karachi-Lahore Motorway (KLM) project by National Highway Authority (NHA), Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal has ordered probe into the matter.

He has directed NAB Director General (DG) Rawalpindi to submit a report in this regard.

Chairman NAB reiterated his resolve to fight corruption. He assured that he will not spare those involved in corrupt practices in the award of contract.

Expressing his commitment to implement the principle of ‘Accountability for All’ without any pressure or influence, NAB Chairman asked to take serious steps to combat corruption and point out all those involved in the KLM scam, at the same time urged to make sure that project is not delayed because of NAB.

The Chairman said full implementation of law should be guaranteed. He told the DG that it is our responsibility to ensure that that no misappropriation of money takes place and no cases of corruption emerge.