China sprays water on people if they cross roads at red lights


Beijing, April 26 (TNS): The traffic police in the Daye of Hubei Province in China is spraying water on jaywalkers whenever they cross the roads at red lights. FYI, the lights being referred to are traffic signals for pedestrians not vehicles. Red light means it’s not safe for people to cross the road just yet.

The water-sprayers have been set up on pavements to stop the rule-breakers in their tracks. The spraying system consists of 1.6-feet tall yellow bollards that have been set up alongside the crossings. So whenever anyone attempts to cross at red lights, they immediately find themselves drenched with water.

The water-spraying system cost 1.3 million RMB to develop and install. A police spokesman said, “The internal temperature of the bollards is set at 26 degrees Celsius and workers will fill them up with clean water every day so there is no need to worry about pollution or catching a cold.”

Just in case the spraying doesn’t do the trick, a recorded message plays saying: “Please do not cross the street, crossing the street is dangerous.” Add to that the billboards, complete with facial recognition technology, which take pictures of the offending pedestrians and flash them on large screens in the city.

 Courtesy: India Today