ECP reserves decision in Milli Muslim League registration case


ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (TNS): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday reserved its decision in the case pertaining to the registration of Milli Muslim League (MML), the political front of the Jamaat-ud-Daa’wa (JuD), as a political party.

The ECP told MML counsel Advocate Raja Abdur Rehman that the letter written by the Interior Ministry objecting the registration says the party is associated with a proscribed outfit.

To this, Rehman replied that no party member has any association with any proscribed outfit and that the party has fulfilled all legal requirements for registration.

The ECP wondered why the party is not approaching the ministry regarding the issue, to which the MML asked under what law should the party approach the Interior Ministry.

The Ministry of Interior in September wrote to the ECP conveying its objection to the candidature of MML nominee Mohammad Yaqoob Sheikh in the NA-120 by-election.

Sheikh is affiliated with Jamaat-ud-Daa’wa (JuD) and his party has been registered under a new name to contest the election, the letter read.

The JuD is under scrutiny after the Interior Ministry listed in the Second Schedule of the ATA 1997 in January this year.

Sheikh independently contested the NA-120 by-election in Lahore last month on the electoral symbol of an ‘energy saver’, bagging 5,822 votes, securing the number four position.