ECP reserves verdict in Imran Khan’s violation of “ballot for secrecy” case


Islamabad, August 10 (TNS): Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Reserved its verdict on Friday pertaining to Imran Khan’s violation of vote secrecy on the polling day.

Imran Khan did not cast his vote behind the booth in NA-53 on the polling day and all the media cameras flashed around the room as he cast his vote.

The Election Commission of Pakistan later took notice of the incident and summoned Imran Khan’s apology on the matter.

An affidavit and a written reply was submitted by PTI chairman’s counsel Babar Awan, however the apology was dismissed by the four member bench of the election commission led by Cheif Election Commisiioner Sardar Muhammad Raza.

The Cheif Election Commissioner did not accept the letter, as it was not signed by the PTI Chairman Imran Khan himself.

However, Babar Awan told the election commission that due to sudden inpour of people in the room the polling booth for vote secrecy fell down and suddenly the media started flashing its cameras and taking footages focusing the ballet paper.

Election Commission has now reserved it verdict and will now in the case and can sentence Imran Khan a sixth month jail or he can be slapped a 1,000 fine.

Imran Khan defeated former interim Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in NA-53 by a convincing margin.