Employees of new Judicial Complex Rawalpindi involve in cutting trees within premises of complex


Rawalpindi, Aug. 8 (TNS): The employees of New Judicial Complex Rawalpindi, using the name of the Administrative official, are engaged in cutting trees within premises of complex.
According to details, Advocate District Bar Rawalpindi Asghar Ali Mubarak has filed an application to the District and Session Judge against illegal cutting of trees in new Judicial Complex Rawalpindi.

In his application, Asghar Ali Mubarak said employees of complex were cutting trees within premises of Judicial complex and when asked who ordered them to cut these trees, the employees replied that they were obeying orders of Raja Riyasat.
When asked Raja Riyasat about illegal cutting of trees, he blamed Administrator Judge Akhtar Azeem for this act.
When the judge was approached, Akhtar Azeem denied it saying that he had not made any such order.

More ironically, the staff of the District and Sessions Judge was found to be on a three-week holidays.
The petitioner pleaded the District and Session Judge to take action against those involved in cutting trees in monsoon season and culprits of this illegal process should be punished by planting thousands of trees to protect the environment for our future generations.