Everyone has right to protest within confines of law: Nawaz


Islamabad April 17 (TNS): Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that everyone has the right to protest while staying within the limits of the law.

He said this while talking to the media during his appearance before the trial court.

Answering a question about Manzoor Pashteen, an active youth for Pashtun rights movement, Sharif said that protest was everyone’s right. No one can stop anyone them from the democratic protest. The country is already facing anarchy which should not further be wafted.

The former premier said that the people cannot hear their leader after the ban imposed by Lahore High Court on airing his speeches adding the ban on the media and speeches should stop now. “What is the anti-judiciary speech? Can anyone explain? There is a freedom of speech but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech,” he said in a quotation.

Sharif said: “I am talking about the rights of 22 million people and how can anyone curb the rights of the people? Pakistan is for all and everyone has equal rights.”