Exploiters start swell prices of dried fruit, nuts


ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (TNS): With the outset of winter season the dried fruit prices as usual have started fly high in Capital Islamabad and rest of the country. It is now a commodity beyond the reach of the common man. Shopkeepers engaged in the business of dried fruit are always there with a beaten drum pretext that the responsibility for the price hike lies with the whole sale traders while wholesale dealers blame it for low production and turning of blind eye by district govt.

During a visit to different market places, TNS team has revealed that all main dried fruit markets in Islamabad are witnessing an unprecedented ramping up in prices as winter fast approaches in the Capital and the rest.

The prices of Pine nuts, Pistachio, Peanut etc. have risen up to 30 -40 percent and for the vested interests of certain people in the market rumors are being spilled that after just a rain prices of said commodities would jump to cent percent.

People visiting these markets hunting for bargain prices are invariably disappointed. The wholly blame Govt for making these commodities of winter out of the reach of their pockets.