G-B govt temporarily backs out from seizing public land in Nomal


Gilgit April 19 (TNS): After residents of Nomal and other areas staged a strong protest and a sit-in against the forced grabbing of public land allegedly the Gilgit-Baltistan government and security institutions.

The highly enraged residents of Nomal took to the streets last week, accusing the G-B government and military authorities of occupying their patriarchal land in Chelmish Das and forcefully converting it into a cantonment.

Chelmish Das is located almost 10-kilometre north of Gilgit city towards Nomal, a tehsil of Gilgit.

The protesters said that the huge mass of land at Chelmish Das belong to the locals and the G-B government at the behest of unseen forces was occupying it illegally to carry out different construction.

After the forceful demonstration, the G-B government temporarily backed out from carrying out occupying and carrying out the construction work on the land in Chelmish Das. A notification issued by the deputy commissioner office said that in the larger public interest and to maintain peace, no construction work will be carried out by all concerned (public and government) till the resolution of the dispute.

The locals, however, said that the notification was a ploy and eyewash and the government was intending to occupy the land surreptitiously. They said that they will not allow the government to occupy their patriarchal land.

When contacted, an official at the DC office said that an agreement has been reached with the locals and they have agreed not to carry out any work on their land till a final settlement of the issue.

An unrest has generally surfaced across G-B against the alleged occupation of public and barren land by the government and security authorities for various purposes and sporadic clashes have become a common occurrence in the recent months.