Guard stops female faculty member from entering Uni over improper attire


KARACHI Oct 7 (TNS): Institute of Business Management (IoBM) is being widely criticized on social media when a visiting faculty member shared her experience of getting schooled by a security guard regarding her attire.

According to report, the faculty member took to Facebook and wrote, “Today, I was rudely stopped at the gate by a weird man who said he was the security head, and told that I wasn’t ‘following the dress code’,” the female faculty wrote.

She added, “Ladies, please help me understand, how I am a security threat?” Her Facebook post went viral as others joined in to share their stories on how security officials of the educational institutes have ‘humiliated’ them over their attires.

A movement was launched by IoBM students last year when female students made a group on social media to voice out to gain support against ‘moral policing’ of the college management and the security guards.

IoBM, as a result, formed a disciplinary committee against the admins of the group and asked the parents of the students to ensure that their daughters would not wear attires which may be considered inappropriate.

A student stated, “They told our parents that if we keep on wearing inapt clothes, the Taliban might attack our college.”

A journalist, retweeting the teacher’s experience on Twitter, also shared her story of being asked by one of the former presidents of the institute if she was a Muslim because of her dress.

Pervez Jamil, IoBM’s Public Relations officer, said that he does not have the right to comment on the issue.

“You should contact the security in-charge who allegedly stopped the woman, as I am not the relevant official to comment on this issue,” Jamil said.

IoBM’s Security Chief Sartaj Hussain said that he would only give his statement if ‘the media comes in front of him’.