ITF launches a widespread drive to discipline traffic rules violators


ISLAMABAD, Dec 24 (TNS): On the directions of IG Islamabad, Sultan Azam Taimuri, Traffic Police of the Capital city has launched a comprehensive drive to discipline those who violate traffic rules.

Those who use fancy Number plates, tinted windows and mobile phone during driving are being stopped almost every nook and corner of the city and fined heavily and prohibited things being seized.

Likewise the commuters, who don’t care for using seat belts and helmets, are being treated in a same fashion.

According to the ITP 16695 vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders have been fined during last one week including 6766 fined for not using helmets, seat belts, and in contrast using fancy number plates and mobile phone while being on driving wheel.

Pertinent to mention that apart from 112 VIP’s including 55 Army officers, 8 Diplomats, 15 political Personalities and a scribe 28 other Gov’t officials including a senior police and 4 judiciary officers have also been fined for breaching the traffic rules.

According to the report Islamabad Traffic Police also provided help in many aspects to 823 citizens during the drive so far. 191 vehicles and motorcycles seized during the drive so for are being held in different police stations.

IG Taimuri has expressed his resolve of making the city accident free by showing zero tolerance for traffic violations.