Karan Johar left ‘speechless’ by Pakistani lookalike



Mumbai, Sept. 2 (TNS): Remember when Ranveer Singh’s lookalike from Faisalabad and Emran Hashmi’s doppelganger from Peshawar broke the internet?

With a population of about two hundred million, it is no surprise that our side of the border bare uncanny resemblance to popular celebrity faces.

Usman Khan lives in Pakistan and has recently claimed that he looks exactly like ace Bollywood film-maker Karan Johar. Taking to Twitter, Khan wrote, “People say I look like Karan Johar!”

And needless to say, it left us and the Takht director ‘speechless’.

“Few tweets leave me speechless. This is one of them,” Johar responded to Khan’s tweet.

“Few tweets leave me speechless….this is one of them….”, Johar tweeted.