NAB denies reports of death of Chaudhry Arsahd in watchdog custody



Islamabad, Aug. 7 (TNS) Spokesperson of NAB denied the reports which suggested that Chairman, Members Welfare Committee of Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing Society (MOCECHS) Chaudhry Arshad was died in torture cell of NAB.

Chaudhry Arshad has been arrested by anti-graft watchdog for unjustified reference over fabricated   charges of corruption levelled by corrupt officials with nexus of land mafia.

It was reported that Chaudhry Arshad suffered heart attack last night in custody NAB where he had been awarded seven-day physical remand.

Chaudhry Arshad was reportedly tortured by NAB personnel in torture cell where he suffered cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, Chaudhry Arshad’s close relative, talking to the TNS, said: “We were informed about heart attack by officials but they did not know whether Chuadhry was hospitalized or not, they even don’t know he is alive or dead”.

Chaudhry Arshad has been pressured by NAB’s Director Rizwan, Assistant Director Mubashir Karim for the last three days.

It is important to mention here that former DGHR Malik Shakil and former DG NAB Rawalpindi Nasir Iqbal Mirza with nexus of land mafia on last Friday illegally raided houses of President MOCECHS Rana Ghulam Farid and Secretary MOCECHS Mazhar Hussain.

Blacksheeps within ranks of National Accountability Bureau with nexus of land mafia yesterday (Monday) have taken over main office of Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

In Rawalpindi-based NAB detention center, Chaudhry Arshad was being severely pressurized, sources said adding that Chaudhry Arshad was being tortured to sign documents, a bid to occupy the Housing Society, when he suffered heart attack.

In this context, when the TNS contacted NAB’s spokesman to know the position, NAB spokesman denied the news about Chaudhry Arshad’s death and said that Chaudhry Arshad’s condition worsened last night.

The spokesman said that Chaudhry, who is cardiac patient and had undergone angioplasty three times, was admitted to the Polly Clinic for medical assistance and now he is out of danger.