Nisar contacts army, FC, Rangers high ups, gets updates about security


Islamabad June 24 (TNS): Interior Minister on Saturday telephonically contacted Chief of General Staff Bilal Akbar, Director-General Sindh Maj-Gen Muhammad Saeed and Inspector General Maj-Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum to get updates about investigations into the terrorist incidents in Parachinar, Quetta, and Karachi.

Nisar said that the dastardly terrorist cats can neither shake the resolve of the nation and the security forces nor can they succeed in their nefarious designs.

Nisar said that on the basis of the information provided by the intelligence agencies and by utilizing the resources, the groups, individuals and the facilitators behind the Parachinar and Quetta blasts and Karachi policemen killing should immediately be identified and they should be given an exemplary punishment.

The interior minister directed the DG Rangers Sindh to devise a comprehensive security plan for the metropolitan city ahead of the Eid and security of life and property should be ensured,

Nisar also directed the security authorities that security along border crossings with Afghanistan should be enhanced and strict checking of the people should be carried out. Nisar said that whenever the border crossings with Afghanistan are opened, terrorist acts unstick in Pakistan.