Pakistan did not halt intelligence sharing with US: State Department


Washington, Jan. 12 (TNS): US State Department said Islamabad has not put a halt to intelligence sharing with Washington.

State Department Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Steven Goldstein told reporters at a special briefing that no such decision had been communicated by the Pakistani government while adding that he had “a feeling… that Pakistan will do the right thing and turn over the terrorists and honour their commitment”.

To a question what will be the next US step if Pakistan’s policies towards Afghanistan and the US do not change, Goldstein said, “We would hope that Pakistan would come to the table and that they would turn over those terrorists that we have asked be turned over. We’ve indicated very clearly that we are – that we believe that can happen.”

He also recalled that the US has only suspended the aid without reallocating the money. “So now it is the job of Pakistan to take seriously their commitment to us, and most importantly to the people of Pakistan who would most be hurt by this, by another terrorist – any terrorist activity, and come forward.”

But Pakistan ”has not yet come forward,” he added.

When asked about the exact amount of Foreign Military Financing that the State Department will suspend pursuant to President Donald Trump’s decision, he repeated a previous rough estimate of “something close to a billion dollars”.

Earlier, Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir said that Pakistan had suspended military and intelligence cooperation with the US after President Donald Trump’s diatribe remarks against the country.