Rehman Malik urges PM Abbasi to call APC to set new foreign policy


Islamabad, Sept 08 (TNS): Senator Rehman Malik on Friday urged Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to call All Parties Conference to tackle global pressure.

Former Interior minister, in his letter to prime minister, also demanded to call joint session of Parliament to set a new foreign policy.

“Despite sacrificing 60 thousand lives and financial loss of $123 billion, the world is calling Pakistan a helper for terrorists”; Malik said adding that the Foreign Office failed to discard the anti-Pakistan propaganda on global leval.

Malik further said it was unfortunate that no Muslim country came forward to defend Pakistan against the trumpet’s anti-Pakistan statement while BIRCS Declaration was enough to shake our confidence as our closest friend China also put its weight in favour of India.

  “World Forum particularly BRICS did not a mention ongoing atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir which is a clear indication of our foreign policy failure” PPP leader said adding that “The government ignored the parliamentary recommendations regarding foreign policy”.

Malik said that former president Asif Zardari had established the Friends of Pakistan Forum to deal with such challenges.

He stressed that there is a need for actions such as the ‘Friends of Pakistan Fourum’ to give new ideas to the foreign policy.

On Rohingya crisis, Malik said that the Burmese Muslims are facing massacres and genocide by Buddhists and Myanmar army.

The Myanmar government should be given proper responded by Pakistan government that nuclear power country cannot see ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma.