Fugitive ‘killer’ handed over to UAE authorities


Islamabad June 2 (TNS): In a major development Pakistan on Friday handed over a fugitive offender to the United Arab Emirate (UAE) authorities under an extradition accord.

Special Investigation Unit Islamabad DD Liaqat Ali told NTS that the fugitive offender, Muhammad Asif Khan, was wanted to the UAE authorities, for his alleged involvement in the murder of Muhammad Yasin Ibrahim, a Pakistani national, back in 2003.

According to him, the wanted killer had fled to Pakistan after committing the crime and he had been hiding in Islamabad.

The SIU team raided his hiding place and arrested him and interrogated him, and during the investigation, he confessed to the killing. The SIU team after completing the investigation and legal formalities handed him over to the UAE authorities, who took him to Dubai for further investigation.