Sehat Sahulat Program benefits over 39,000 patients


PESHAWAR July 16 (TNS):: Under the Sehat Sahulat Program, more and more people are turning to the government’s medical teaching institutions of the provincial capital to avail themselves of free treatment.

The program was launched by the government to provide free treatment to 1.8 million families at the cost of Rs5.4 billion over a period of two years.

The statistics show over 39,000 patients have benefited from the initiative since its launch in January this year.In the last six months, the Lady Reading Hospital treated around 1,600 patients under the programme and Khyber Teaching Hospital, Hayatabad Medical Complex and Ayub Teaching Hospital 1,000 each. Overall, the program benefited 39,000 people at a cost of Rs778 million since January.

The public sector hospitals always lagged behind the private facilities, because there was no mechanism for such patients and the administrations were in quandary over the new system but later the government’s hospitals devised mechanism.



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