Alert! Alert! Police brutality!!!!


London, July 11 (TNS): Today in Aberfeldy around 6pm. This gentleman came to his sister’s house for dinner with his wife and and 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son. The 2 year old child is unwell and dependant on oxygen.

He parked his car on a single yellow line and he is also the holder of a blue badge. Upon parking a police car was driving by but decided to stop and approach them. One of the police officers tapped on the window and the gentleman opened the window. The police officer said “you can’t park here” gentleman replied “I can legally park here I have a blue badge” Police officer said “ok I’m giving you 5 points and arresting you” at this point the wife intervened and said “surely there is another solution please” officer said “no your husband’s attitude stinks we’re arresting him anyway” at which point the gentleman said “what is your reason, I haven’t done anything wrong!” At which point the police officer jumped on him and the other two officers joined him and started beating him. The gentleman was screaming out “I’m hurting, can’t breath, stop! Stop!” But the police continued until the man lost consciousness.

The police called for back up support and and an ambulance. The ambulance after checking the gentleman drove off with police officers inside with out telling his wife or sister which hospital they were taking him to. The police had no regards for the family especially the two young children who were in the car witnessing this violence against their father and the mother screaming frantically!