Masses have rejected SC ruling: says Maryam Nawaz


Lahore, Sept. 10 (TNS): Maryam Nawaz said that masses have rejected the top court’s verdict ousted her father Nawaz Sharif in the Panama Papers case.

Addressing a group of lawyers in Model Town, Lahore in connection with the election campaign for her mother Kulsoom Nawaz, Maryam said: “It was indeed a historic event and overwhelming presence of lawyers at the convention has sent a strong message to the entire world particularly our rivals.”

Maryam went on to say that as scores of lawyers attended the gathering, opposition parties had no other option but to claim that PML-N workers were provided with black coats for the event.

Majority of people, she said, have out-rightly rejected the apex court’s 28th July ruling against Nawaz Sharif.