PM-elect Imran Khan pledges to bring back looted money


Islamabad, Aug. 17 (TNS): Prime Minister-elect Imran Khan has pledged to bring about the change being awaited by the nation for the last seven decades.

Amid uproar in the House by PML-N members, Khan was speaking in the National Assembly after his election as Leader of the House at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Friday.

Imran Khan said he achieved success after a struggle of 22 years and he did not owe this success to any military dictator.

He also held out an assurance that there would be no NRO for anyone and all looted money would be recovered and brought back.

He said debt of the country increased from six thousand to two thousand eight hundred billion rupees during the last five years. He said there would be debate in the parliament on debt issue and those responsible would be held accountable.

The Prime Minister-elect said he would empower the Parliament and twice a month he would respond to questions by members during Question Hour in the National Assembly.

Imran Khan said a system will be introduced to raise money from the country so that the government does not have to go to foreign countries to get loans.

Thanking the youth for their support to help him become the Prime Minister-elect said he will ensure provision of jobs to the youth so that they do not have to go to abroad for earning their livelihood.

Speaking about rigging allegations by the opposition members, Imran Khan said the politicians, who are creating noise in the assembly did not open four constituencies for investigation on his demand.

He said the Judicial Commission on electoral rigging allegations had given forty findings, and one of them was that 25 million ballots were missing.

He said if the persons, responsible for those irregularities, had been held accountable by the last government, they need not stage protest today.

Giving an analogy with the world of cricket, he said the concept of neutral empire was introduced in 1986 which brought regularity in the game and winners and losers both accepted its decisions without any question.

He said we will also develop an electoral system in the country which will be totally neutral and there will not be any question of irregularity in elections again.

This will also help improve the prestige of electoral system in our country.

Imran Khan extended an open offer to the opposition that if they want investigations regarding rigging in Elections 2018, they can use every forum including the Supreme Court.

He said everyone will have the right to protest and the government will even provide a space for that.

However, he gave a caution that government will not be cowed down by blackmailing or disruption in the way of its working.