The new cool in Pakistani tinsel world


ISLAMABAD, Aug 7 (TNS): The drama industry of Pakistan is packed with talented actors. From decades we have been producing unique television serials and stories.

Senior actors like Bushra Ansari, Saba Pervaiz, Hina Dilpazeer and much more had gotten rapid fame from their appearance on screens and are still watched widely.

As years passed, our drama industry grows and new faces has been introduced. New comers are doing well and some of them have impressed makers on other side of the border.

However, in order to secure their place and develop name in the industry, these stars put in immense efforts and yes, talent does count too.

Talking about efforts, some of them have tried to change spelling of their names to appear cool and different, now it has become a trend and many actors have done it.

We have complied a list including actors who have followed this trend to get fame.

The Hoccane sisters got fame in less time and yes, they did change the spellings of their names from Hussain to Hoccane to make it look cooler.

Humaima too stepped in the trend and changed spelling from Malik to Malick.

Sajal Ali is one the versatile actresses of Pakistan who earned immense fame and appreciation in really short time. Plus, she performed well and impressed people in India too through her Bollywood debut Mom but she found it cool as well and went for it. So much so, her younger sister Saboor has made debut in Pakistani dramas as well but she went from Ali to Aly quickly.

She is charming and talented but appearing unique seems like everyone’s ultimate goal. So she changed her both names from Sonia Hussain to Sonya Hussyn.

Moreover, the race has been joined by this beauty too and makes her name look more appealing she replace ‘I’ from Fatima with ‘Y’.

Men too followed this latest trend in order to appear cooler amongst male actors. Ali Khan is indeed one of those actors who are blessed with good looks and flawless acting these skills. He too, following the trend, changed his spelling from Ali to Aly.