CJP takes on executive, vows to work for fundamental rights of people


Lahore April 21 (TNS): Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar vowed on Saturday that he will continue to intervene and work to ensure fundamental rights of the people which are guaranteed in the Constitution.

Addressing a function to mark the 80th death anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the chief justice questioned if his intervention in the executive affairs and in the domain of other departments and institutions was un-called when there was rampant corruption, nepotism, injustice and favouritism. The top judge made it clear that he will continue to enforce fundamental rights of the masses.

The chief justice said that the sanctity of vote and respect for a vote means serving the masses and ensuring their rights as guaranteed in the Constitution.

He also lamented that the judiciary was stuck with a flood of cases and complaints as people resort to the judiciary after the executive branch of the state and government departments failed to deliver. He questioned whether it was the sole responsibility of the judiciary to deliver justice. Could other department absolve themselves of the responsibility, he asked. He also said that the judiciary was overburdened while the legislature has failed to bring about reforms. The government and other institutions have overburdened the judiciary by failing to deliver, he said. He said that the people will turn to the judiciary if they did not get relief anywhere else.

The chief justice also lamented that nepotism, favouritism, corruption and malpractice has permeated the society which was a rare phenomenon in the past.

Lamenting the alleged sale of the Punjab University land measuring 80 kanal to the Punjab government, the chief justice expressed his shock that educationists have become bogged down in businesses and their personal interest was paramount to them over the interest of their respective institutions.

The chief justice also called for doing away with the discriminatory education system and introducing a uniform curriculum.

He also ruled out that any martial law including the judicial martial was in the making. He made it clear that he and his fellow judges will stand up if anyone even thinks of imposing a martial law. He said that those who are talking about judicial martial were disillusioned and it could be a figment of their wild imagination.