Don’t slander judiciary if verdict is given against you: CJP Nisar tells critics


LAHORE Dec 16 (TNS): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday hit out at the criticism of the judiciary for allegedly being part of any conspiracy, saying judges are deciding cases independently.

Addressing an event here, the CJP stressed that judges are working without any pressure and handing down judgments as per laws.

“I say under oath that the present judiciary is not working under any pressure,” he said and added judges are deciding cases as per laws and the constitution.

In a pointed reference to the ruling party bitterly criticizing the judiciary for ousting former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, CJP Nisar urged that the judiciary should not be maligned if decision are given against any party.

He lamented that when courts decide against any party, impression is created that they were party of any conspiracy.

Referring to the reports that the Supreme Court gave all important decisions on Friday, he said it was just coincidence that the decision on the NAB’s plea seeking reopening of the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case was given on that day and coincided with the verdict in the cases involving Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen.

Had judges given in to any kind of pressure, the fate of Hudiabiya case would have been different, he said.

CJP Nisar said analysts without reading judgments and having know-how of laws comment on judgments.

Every judge is independent and giving their judgments independently according to their faculty and laws, the CJP said.

He conceded that incompetence is part of the reason judges take long to decide a case and unfortunately, there have been instances where judges have given judgments infested with errors.