PM announces Rs1 million each for Parachinar blasts’ victims


Islamabad June 29 (TNS): In a bid to woo the protesting people of Parachinar twin bomb blasts, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday announced Rs1 million each for the slain victims and Rs0.5 million for the injured.

The prime minister has reportedly asked the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to disburse the compensation amount immediately among the family members of the slain victims and the injured.

The compensation comes in the wake of the protest by the residents of Parachinar, who have been protesting for the last five days since the blasts occurred on June 25, which had claimed more than 70 lives and dozens of others had injured.

The Parachinar protesters have been accusing the local administration and the law enforcement agencies of their failure to stop the explosive-laden vehicles from entering the area, expressing their astonishment how the bombers and the vehicles make their way into the area.

People also took to the social media to criticize the federal government and the prime minister for meeting out a discriminatory treatment to the residents of Parachinar as he had announced Rs2 million each to the victims of the oil spill tragedy in Bahawalpur.  The social media users also questioned the performance of the security forces stating how explosive-laden vehicles make their way into Parachinar despite hundreds of check posts being in place.

Protesters have announced to continue their sit-in in the main Parachinar bazaar unless a senior government functionary shows ups and assures them that their life and property will be protected and no future blasts will occur.