Under Clean and Green Campaign, wild growth and vegetation from most of the areas of the city has been cleared


Islamabad: September 07 (TNS): Under Clean and Green Campaign, wild growth and vegetation from most of the areas of the city has been cleared, tree plantation is also being carried out simultaneously in different areas to enhance the green cover of Islamabad. Desired results are being achieved by ensuring effective coordination among departments including Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, Capital Development Authority and others, however, effective supervision from ICT administration is playing the key role in reviving the neat, clean and green status of Islamabad.

Under Clean and Green Campaign, tree plantation in the areas which are being cleared from wild growth is also being carried out. In this connection, ICT administration and Environment coordinated tree plantation and reviewed cleanliness drive in F-9 Park. Under this tree plantation activity, 1000 plants including 300 Pilkan plants, 300 Sukhchain plants, 200 Kachnar trees and 100 Arjan plants were planted in the F-9 Park on Saturday. Another batch of 1000 tress is also being arranged by ICT administration for F-9 Park.

Wild growth, shrubs and vegetation has been cleared from the areas including green belt of Muree Road, Club Road, 9th Avenue, Faisal Avenue, Faizabad interchange Loops, open space & medians strips of orchard scheme double road towards Margallah Town, median strip from Green Belts of Margalla Road Sector E – 7, Margalla Road from Faisal Chowk to F-11 Signal, Jinnah Avenue from Centaurus to F-10 Round about, Nazim-ud-din road from F-10 to F-11, Hilal Road, F-11, Sumbal Road from F-10 Markaz to 11th Avenue, 11th Avenue from Margalla Road to Ibn-e-Sina Signal, 9th Avenue from Shaheen Chowk to Peshawar Mor, Kaghan Road, F-8, Kurram Road and Sawan Road from G-9 karachi company to G-11 Round about and from more than dozen of median strips of I-8, H-8, I-9, G-10 and G-11. Similarly, wild growth from markets, marakiz and rest of the areas of the city is in progress.

Besides this, pruning of trees and removal of wild growth has also been carried out around different Imam Bargahas of the city particularly from the routes of different processions of Muharram.

Similarly, wild growth from most of the area of F-9 Park, Kachnar Park, Rose and Jasmine Garden, Lake View Park, Japanese Park have 12 parks within the different sectors, Kachnar Park, Rose and Jasmine Garden has been cleared. Moreover, rank vegetation and growth from parks within the sectors is also being removed at fast pace.